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High Static Pressure Duct Type Fan Coil Unit FCU
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Product: Views:414High Static Pressure Duct Type Fan Coil Unit FCU 
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Last updated: 2017-10-31 12:44

Tongxing Air Conditioning Technology Co.Ltd is one of the best China high static pressure duct type fan coil unit fcu manufacturers and suppliers with one of the famous brands, with professional factory, system and service, we are able to provide you with best discount and high quality CE certification high static pressure duct type fan coil unit fcu.

Product Installation
1) The unit must be securely installed and regularly check the installation securely reliability of March each year, four times.
2) Avoid oil mist place (such as a kitchen), otherwise the plastic parts will be aging, loss or cause leaks.
3) Avoid corrosive, flammable gas.
Around 4) unit to retain sufficient space for installation, and out of the outlet away from obstructions can be sure the air blowing through the room.
5) When installation boom bolts, check whether the installation location can withstand four times the weight of the unit, if the insurance, before installing the unit should be reinforced.
6) should ensure the horizontal position of fan coil lifting, lifting only allowed to bear the weight of itself, can not withstand the wind pipes, water pipes and other objects of the external force.
7) pay attention to cleaning out pipes before installation, users need to install the pump at the outlet of the filter, so as to avoid valve blockage.
8) forward, not too much force when the return pipe connections, and should be used raw material with seal, without leakage phenomenon.
9) must be added to the pipe insulation to avoid condensation water use during the summer, into the return pipe valve should be installed.
10) should be kept clear of condensation water, drainage slope> 5%
11) should be used to install the product in return air filter and cleaned regularly, so as not to affect the normal heat transfer.
12) fan coil initial operation, it must open the bleed valve on the return pipe, exhaust air coil inside the net, until water flows out and then close the valve.
13) Use cold water should not be less than 5 ℃, hot water is not higher than 70 ℃, and require clean water. 2-3 years of plant operation and maintenance should be comprehensive, chemically remove the inner coil scale, in order to ensure the performance of the heat exchanger unit.